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Parents Need to be Involved
in the Life of their Teen

Moms and Dads everywhere, listen up. Studies have found that parental involvement has a strong impact on their teen’s sexual behavior. While it may seem that youth are more attuned to their peers and the media and pop culture, both teens and experts state that parents are needed as role models, and to enhance personal and family values in today’s image-saturated culture.

According to the article published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, Robert Blum, M.D., PhD. of the University of Minnesota states, “Kids will pay attention to their parents’ values on sex. But talk alone does not get the message through.” Additionally, Blum states that teenagers are more likely to delay having sex when their mothers are involved in their lives, have a close relationship with them, and successfully communicate their values on sex to them. When teens (both male and female) believe that their mothers oppose them having sex, they are less likely to do so. However, teens frequently don’t get the message. Parents - always remember YOU are a strong influence in your child's life's. Continue to communicate your values. Your children are listening!