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"Anthens Park - Boys (APBs)"


"Black Stone"


"Bounty Hunter"


"C-C: Compton Crip"

"Crips: Cousin"

"C: Crip"

"E: East"

" "

"Crip Killer
Bloods show this to crip members"

"West Coast"
East Coast if held to the side

"4th Street Brothers"

"4th Street Brothers"


"H: Harlem Crip"


"Kitchen Crip"

"M: Mafia Crip"

"Mafia Crip"

"O: Number Zero"

"Number One"

From Piru Street in Los Angeles


"Primo: Sign"

"U: Underground Crip"

Note: There are many other indicators of gang members such as tattoos, initiation rites etc. that could never be discussed at length within these pages. You may visit links for further information.