The Best Choice     How to Say No and Remain Abstinent
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How to say No and Remain Abstinent

  • Be honest - talk things over ahead of time – Talk with your boyfriend or girlfriend and make sure they understand that you have chosen abstinence. Be firm in that decision. You may choose to tell them why you have chosen abstinence. Often teens will choose abstinence because of their religious beliefs or because they have goals they want to accomplish. Pregnancy can get in the way of those goals. Know that the right person will respect your choice.
  • Stay out of compromising situations – avoid being home alone with your boyfriend or girlfriend after school. Plan your dates with other friends instead of just as a couple. Avoid dating people a lot older than you. Make sure the clothes you wear are also saying “no” and not “yes”!
  • Respect yourself. You should not feel alone if you choose not to have sex. One-half of all U.S. teenagers are not sexually active. You are not alone! It really is ok to be abstinent! Be proud of your choice – you may be surprised at how good it will make you feel.
  • Set Goals – Think about what you want to do in life – stay in school – get a good education so you can get a good job! Reach for the stars – you deserve the very best!
  • Rely on your faith – If you have chosen to be abstinent because of your religious faith then hang on to that for support! It is one of the major factors that help many teens to choose and practice abstinence.
  • Look to others who care about you for support – most people who want the best for teens are going to support your choice to be abstinent. It may be your parents, a special teacher, your youth minister or pastor, school nurse or health educator, etc. When you’re feeling you’re all alone in this choice reach out for support. Just know they are there for you!

For more information on abstinence check out www.notmenotnow.org