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2009 Abstinence Essay Contest

The Wayne County Health Department and the Wayne Council on Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention sponsored it's 7th annual essay contest on "Abstinence" for area High Schoolers. A total of 49 entries were received. The entries by grade level were: 9th grade - 14. 10th grade - 11, 11th grade - 12, and 12th grade - 12.

Each student submitted an essay in their own words on why they think abstinence is the best choice for teens in the prevention of teenage pregnancy. The essay's were limited to 1500 words and could be type or handwritten.

First place winner received a$1,000 scholarship and a $200 gift card. Second place winner received a $500 scholarship and $100 gift card. Third place winner received a $300 scholarship and $50 gift card.

To read the top three winner's essay's, click on one of the respective link above.

Pictured above (from left) are Emily Bell, Wayne County Health Department Health Education Specialist, Daniel Nelson, first place, Jade Dansler, second place and Kristen Rae Walters, third place. (photo courtesy of the Goldsboro NewsArgus).